Logan Cressler

Its all about emotion...

The most difficult thing about making good portraits, is capturing real, genuine expressions.  Humans spend our entire lives learning how to read facial expressions, and whether you know it or not, you are actually very good at determining what a person is thinking based on how they emote through their facial movements.  The tricky thing is, most people get in front of a camera and unknowingly, produce a very blank face, or even worse, try to smile.





I want to work with you...

Very, very few people on this planet can smile authentically on command.  That is why models and actors get paid so much money.  This is because when we are told to smile, we do, with our mouth.  However a genuine reactionary smile is a complete facial expression.  Eyebrows, eyes, lips, mouth, even head positioning.

I specialize in positioning, posture, and expressions.  I know how to make you look your best, and we work together in the session to make the best photos possible.  This is not your standard portrait session, you are very much involved in the entire process.

So my goal is always to get you to a point that you are reacting, and that is when we capture magic moments together.  There is a significant difference between a natural expression and a forced one, and that difference comes through to the viewer.

I am always looking for people with unique talents or especially creative ideas for a shoot.  If you have a unique skill or ability, or an idea for an awesome photoshoot, please contact me!  I am your absolute best option for getting the best results.